U.S. bolsters Asia links with an eye on China's rise

The United States aims to expand its involvement in East Asia amid concerns that China may use its growing military clout to coerce its neighbors or move against Taiwan, officials told Congress on Wednesday. The renewed concerns voiced by Obama administration and U.S. military officials included cyber-attacks originating in China and came as Google threatens to quit China over censorship and hacking, heightening Sino-U.S. frictions. President Barack Obama's administration, which has sought to partner with China in tackling global issues, has also angered Beijing by clearing arms sales to Taiwan and by slapping tariffs on Chinese tires and steel products.   Full Story   Reuters_ 1/12/10

France-based Areva plans California nuclear plant using European Pressurized Reactor technology

French nuclear engineering company Areva SA said Tuesday that it plans to work with Fresno Nuclear Energy Group on developing one or two new-generation reactors in California's Central Valley. Areva said FNEG is a group of investors that wants to acquire the so-called EPR, or European Pressurized Reactor, technology for California. Areva has been plagued by delays in Finland, where the first EPR was supposed to be online this year. Areva said that six companies - Constellation, PPL, AmerenUE, Amarillo Power, AEHI and Duke Energy - have chosen the EPR for a total of eight potential reactor construction projects, pending U.S. certification.  Full Story   AP/Forbes_ 12/29/09

Ground-breaking science: very old papers from the Royal Society
Did this Einstein guy get his math right?

A trove of history-making papers published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society have been released in their entirety to celebrate the 350th birthday of the world’s oldest scientific body.  From Isaac Newton's theory of light and color to plate tectonics, the papers reveal the progress of human knowledge.  FULL STORY_Wired Science 12/2/09

Gamma Ray 'race' proves Einstein right ... again

Timing is everything, especially to physicists seeking to unite the mechanics of gravity with the quantum world of particles.  So when the opportunity came to measure if gamma rays of different energies traveled at the same speed, a team of physicists stepped up to the challenge.  At stake was nothing less than a foundation of modern physics -- Einstein's theory of relativity, which posits that all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed, whether low-energy radio waves, high-energy X-rays or gamma rays, or any wavelength in between.  A violent explosion 7.8 billion light-years ago gave scientists the unique opportunity to punch a hole in Einstein's theory. NASA's Fermi Gamma Ray Telescope detected many gamma ray photons from the 2.1-second long burst, including one that was a million times more energetic than another.  Scientists wondered if the higher-energy photon might have arrived in the telescope's detector slightly later than its partner due to quantum-level entanglements in space that a less energetic photon wouldn't even notice. After a journey of more than 7 billion light-years, however, the gamma ray photons arrived nine-tenths of a second apart on May 9, 2009 -- not enough of a lag to account for the theorized quantum effects. 

FULL STORY_Discovery News_11/4/09

USDataNow Headlines December 14, 2009-January 13, 2010


U.S. Senate nears deal to delay digital TV transition
FULL STORY_AP_ 1/23/09


Internet addresses set for change
FULL STORY_BBC News 10/30/09

Internet governance goes global as U.S. loosens

grip on ICANN
Full Story_Los Angeles Times_ 10/1/09


EPA: Chemicals found in Wyoming drinking water might be from natural gas drilling

Full Story   ProPublica/Scientific American_ 8/26/09

Could this be the end of electric power cords?

Full Story   Los Angeles Times_ 7/27/09


New space images from Hubble
Click here for Hubble images.  FULL STORY New York Times_9/9/09


For Mars rover Spirit, it's do or die

Full Story   Los Angeles Times_ 11/13/09

NASA releases detailed pictures of Mars
Click here to access Mars images.   FULL STORY_ TG Daily_9/4/09


North Korea declares all-out push for nuclear weapons

Full Story   Guardian_ 6/13/09


Wi-fi 'to get a whole lot easier'
FULL STORY_BBC News 10/14/09


Call for debate on killer robots

Artificial intelligence meets science fiction



Water in western U.S. measured from the sky; Satellites track land's consumption

Full Story   Washington Post_ 9/14/09


Ares I-X rocket chalks up successful test flight
FULL STORY_CNET News 10/29/09

NASA finds 'space ribbon' at solar system's edge
FULL STORY_TG Daily_10/16/09

NASA searches for water on the Moon

FULL STORY_New York Times 10/09/09

Evidence suggests water exists on the moon
FULL STORY_ Los Angeles Times_9/24/09

Tentative signs of water found on the moon



Video to appear in paper magazines


EU's Herschel scans hidden Milky Way



US Traffic Safety Administration hid cellphone danger; Data released under Freedom of Information Act lawsuit

FULL STORYTG Daily_7/23/09

Hybred satellite-cell pocket phone may arrive this year

FULL STORY_PC World_7/1/09






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