TriPoint Global Introduces Satcom-On-The-Move Terminal at Satellite 2004 Conference

Mobile RF Terminal Provides Continuous High-Bandwidth Voice and Data over Ku-Band for Tactical Battle Vehicles

TriPoint Global Communications is introducing an “On-The Move”™ RF terminal capable of high-bandwidth voice and data communications over satellite at the Satellite 2004 Convention in Washington, DC March 3-5 in Booth #124.

The full motion, remote control terminal, designed and built by TriPoint Global’s VertexRSI product line, is ruggedized for use by military forces and designed to be mounted on a wide variety of tactical vehicles.

Nathan Knutson, TriPoint Global’s Vice President for Government Strategic Programs, said “The unique capability that VertexRSI’s Satcom-on-the-Move™ (SOTM™) terminal brings to the battle space is its robust, continuous operation while traveling over rough terrain. Since it operates at Ku-band frequencies and higher, data rates as high as 512 kbps are achievable, or eight times that of L-band terminals.”

“This terminal will revolutionize combat operations because it provides the first ‘no-kidding’ Satcom-On-The-Move™ for military use in the market,” Knutson said. “It sends and receives large files containing high-resolution graphics in seconds instead of tens of minutes or even hours. And, since this terminal is designed to be mounted on a variety of vehicles such as HMMWV’s, armored personnel carriers, Stryker vehicles, and even tanks, there is no restriction to deployment plans for high quality and timely communications.”

“Since Ka-band operation is three to five years in the future, the immediate need for highly mobile satellite communications can be met by using Ku-band terminals,” Knutson said. “Ku-band is an industry-standard operating frequency that provides reliable high performance, and at the same time is offered by a large number of satellite providers world-wide. Ku-band R/F components are also readily available at very reasonable prices.

The VertexRSI Satcom-on-the-Move™ terminals are scheduled for initial operational testing later this year with production and delivery shortly thereafter.

More information about TriPoint Global's On-the-Move™ products may be obtained by contacting Ms. Jimene Conn at 770-689-2052 or via e-mail at

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