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Asteroid 15614 named 'Pillinger' after professor behind the failed Beagle 2 landing on Mars

The International Astronomical Union honored Milton Keynes-based Open University  professor Colin Pillinger by naming the asteroid that moves between Mars and Jupiter in recognition of the professor's scientific discoveries and numerous contributions to planetary science.  Full Story  BBC News_ 11/29/04

UK scientists lift veil on Beagle 3

Colin Pillinger, lead scientist on Beagle 2, unveiled the design for a successor British spacecraft that would put a new robotic lab on the Red Planet. Scientists hope to launch two landing craft from an orbiter that could fly in 2009 as part of Europe's Aurora programme of space exploration.  Full Story  BBC News_ 11/3/04

'Money woes' foiled Beagle 2 British Mars probe

The House of Commons science and technology committee report says a failure by the UK government to commit funds early enough undermined the project's credibility and probably warned off sponsorship income that the project badly needed. The Beagle 2 lander was developed separately from the Mars Express "mothership" that carried it to the Red Planet. BBC News_ 11/1/04

August, 2004

UK-led Beagle 2 team reports what went wrong with attempt to put a lander on Mars
The investigation looked at possible technical reasons for the loss of the probe and the lessons learnt which might benefit any future missions to search for signs of life on the Red Planet. In its 288-page document, the team maintains its belief that a thinner than expected atmosphere may have thwarted a controlled landing. Full Story  BBC News_ 8/24/04

July, 2004
'Beagle 3' may hitch a ride with NASA to Mars
Colin Pillinger, chief scientist on Beagle 2, has asked the US space agency to put a Beagle "pod" on its Mars Science Laboratory probe for 2009. The Mars Science Laboratory is designed to pave the way for a future mission that would return rocks to Earth. Full Story  BBC News_ 7/26/04

European Space Agency says poor management must share blame for Beagle 2 mission failure
The official inquiry into the December loss of the Mars probe said there was too little investment at the start of the £50m Beagle project. The Commission of Inquiry on Beagle 2, jointly set up in February by the European Space Agency (Esa) and the British National Space Centre (BNSC), has put forward 19 recommendations for the future.  Full Story BBC News_ 5/24/04

Beagle 2: The recommendations  BBC News_ 5/24/04

Beagle 2 was 'too great a risk'
An inquiry into the loss of the Beagle 2 Mars probe in December will criticise the management of the project and the testing of the lander. It was to land on Mars on 25 December to look for life, but contact was lost.The inquiry will say there were not enough checks and balances built into the project and that, overall, it was too great a risk to take.  Full Story  BBC News_ 5/21/04

Mars mission criticized by spending watchdog
A public spending watchdog criticized scientists behind the doomed Beagle 2 mission to Mars Tuesday for neglecting to highlight the chances of mission failure when they applied for British government funding.  Full story  AP/CNN 3/16/04

Beagle 2 may have sped to its death
The missing Beagle 2 lander may have crunched into the Martian dust after plummeting through an unexpectedly thin atmosphere. New measurements from the spacecraft's mothership, Mars Express, suggest the upper atmosphere can be far less dense than anyone thought. Full story  New Scientist  3/8/04

Scientists may have spotted UK's Beagle probe
Beagle 2, the British space probe which disappeared as it descended towards Mars, may have been detected on the surface of the Red Planet, scientists said on Monday.  Full story  Reuters 3/8/04

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